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This page lists events that are of interest to the global community of developmental biologists: conferences, meetings, training courses, workshops.

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November 2017

EMBO Conference: Quantitative Principles in Biology

Registration will open shortly

November 02, 2017 — November 04, 2017
Heidelberg, Germany

Cold Spring Harbor Asia: Stem Cells, Aging & Rejuvination

November 06, 2017 — November 10, 2017
Suzhou, China

Workshop “Noncoding RNA-mediated metabolic regulation in health and disease”

This workshop belongs to the series Workshops “Current Trends in Biomedicine”, organized by the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA).

More information and application at:

November 06, 2017 — November 08, 2017
Baeza, Spain

The Origins of Metazoans

The conference “the Origins of Metazoans” will take place in Paris, France, on 7-8 November 2017, under the hospice of ITMO BCDE, focusing on how metazoans have emerged. A poster session with short talks selection will be organised.


November 07, 2017 — November 08, 2017
CNRS headquarters in Paris

Keystone Symposia: Frontiers of Serotonin Beyond the Brain

Scholarship/Discounted Abstract: July 11, 2017
Abstract: August 10, 2017
Discounted Registration: September 12, 2017

Serotonin plays extra-cerebral roles in adults and development. This symposium aims to reveal insights into serotonin’s role in peripheral tissues in disease diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

November 12, 2017 — November 15, 2017
Park City, Utah, USA

Seattle Cell Science Symposium 2017

Join us for the second annual Seattle Cell Science Symposium, a full-day event showcasing research in the Seattle-area cell biology community.

November 12, 2017
Seattle, WA

Workshop “Chromosomal Instability: From Molecular Mechanisms to Disease”

This workshop belongs to the series Workshops “Current Trends in Biomedicine”, organized by the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía (UNIA).

More information and application at:

November 13, 2017 — November 15, 2017
Baeza, Spain

edev2017: Engineering multicellular self-organization

Bringing together researchers with a shared interest in design principle of living systems, to discuss the challenges and opportunities of engineering stem cell self-organization into tissues and organs in culture, ultimately with the efficiency and precision of an organism

November 13, 2017 — November 14, 2017
Lausanne, Switzerland

CRISPR Genome Editing: Design & Strategy

The next CRISPR Genome Editing: Design & Strategy’ hands-on intensive training course will be hosted at Homerton College, University of Cambridge, UK, on 13th & 14th November 2017.

conference course workshop
November 13, 2017 — November 14, 2017
Hometon College, University of Cambridge, CB2 8PH

Epigenomics of Common Diseases

Join leading scientists from epigenomics, genetics and bioinformatics to discuss the latest developments in this fast-moving area.

  • Ageing
  • Evolution and epigenetics
  • Inheritance of epigenetic programmes
  • Epigenomics of brain disease
  • Causality in epigenetic studies
  • 4D nucleome
  • Enhancers and regulatory networks
  • Computational epigenomics and bioinformatics
  • Technologies
November 14, 2017 — November 17, 2017
Wellcome Genome Campus, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK


Hosted by Ospedale San Raffaele and Nature,  the meeting brings together key experts in the regeneration field working on different tissues and organs

November 16, 2017 — November 18, 2017
Milan, Italy

SpotOn London

At this year’s conference, the focus will be on ‘What makes a great researcher: tools and skills’

November 18, 2017
London, UK

Morphogenetic engineering

A Barcelona BioMed Conference

November 27, 2017 — November 29, 2017

Dynamics of Plant Development and Evolution

Admission is free. Registration will open in fall.

November 30, 2017 — December 01, 2017
Zurich, Switzerland