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A day in the life of a Marchantia lab

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An interview with Juergen Knoblich

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Adventures in Studying Brain Sex Differences

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Three dimensional human lung tissue in a dish

Introduction to the Node

First time on the Node? Welcome!

The Node is your community website: for and by developmental biologists! You can read more about the team behind the Node and how the Node came to be in the about page.

Here you will find an introduction to what you can expect to read on the Node, and how you can contribute and get involved. If you still have questions after reading this page, check our help page or contact us.
Content on the Node

On the Node you will be able to find a variety of content with a strong developmental biology focus:

   News: The Node is the place to find out what is new in the developmental biology community: new meetings, jobs and papers get posted regularly.

   Research: posts about recent research, often by those who did the work

   Events: New events are advertised on the Node, as well as meeting reports from those who have attended. You can also see our events calendar for a summary of upcoming meetings

   Jobs: Anyone can post advertisements for positions in developmental biology labs and institutes

   Discussions: Is there a topic that you would like to see discussed? Write a post and get the conversation started!

   Interviews: The Node often features interviews with eminent scientists in the field, as well other people making an contribution to the field

   Competitions: Developmental biology produces amazingly beautiful images, and we often feature a selection in our Development cover competitions, including regular participations from the Woods Hole Embryology course. But we feature other competitions too, such as our previous essay contest.

   Resources: from databases to new techniques, the Node often features resources available for the community

   - And much more! Alternative careers for developmental biologists, science-inspired art, zebrafish cookies: you can expect even more interesting content on the Node!
Participating on the Node

They are many ways you can get involved on the Node:

   - Post: Why just read when you can write? Do you want to write about your research? Or someone else’s cool research? Or maybe you have a burning topic that you would like to discuss with the community? Do you want to advertise an event or a new job position? The Node is run as a community blog- this means that anyone can write for Node! You just need to register. First time blogging? Read our writing tips for Node bloggers! Want to contribute but don’t know what to write about? Join the writers mailing list for occasional emails with ideas and suggestions.

   - Comment: You can express your opinion about a post, ask a question to the author or join a discussion by adding a comment at the bottom of a post. You don’t need to register to comment.

   - Rate posts and comments: you can let people know how much you like or dislike a post or comment by rating: simply click the thumbs up or thumbs down icon at the bottom of each post/comment

   - Drop us an email: Is there anything you would like to see on the Node? Do you have any feedback? Contact the Node team!
Keeping up with the Node

There are always new posts on the Node, and it can sometimes be hard to keep track of what is new. There are many ways you can keep up with the Node:

   - Follow us on Twitter: Every new post on the Node is posted on Twitter, as well as other interesting content from around the internet. Follow us on @the_Node!

   - Like us on Facebook: The Node also has a facebook page and you can like us to see new content on the Node on your news feed

   - Daily highlights email: You can get an email sent to your inbox with daily updates of new Node content. Subscribe to the mailing list here

   - Monthly highlights: At the end of each month you can expect a post highlighting some of the interesting content on the Node in the last month

   - Featured posts: Interesting posts are featured on the top bar of the Node, and are regularly updated

Do you still have a question about the Node?

Check our help page or drop us an email!


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