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Two Postdoc positions: Understanding the role of chromatin during cell differentiation in choanoflagellates.

Posted by , on 15 September 2023

Location: Centre for Chromosome Biology, University of Galway, Ireland

Closing Date: 29 February 2024

Two Postdoc positions: Understanding the role of chromatin during cell differentiation in choanoflagellates.

Who we are:  The positions will be in the lab of James Gahan ( at the Centre for Chromosome Biology (, University of Galway, Ireland. The lab opens in April 2024 with funding from an ERC Starting Grant and Wellcome trust.

What we do: The group is broadly interested in how changes in genome regulation contributed to animal evolution. To fill this fundamental gap, the group will reconstruct the origin and evolution of cell-type-specific gene expression by investigating the gene-regulatory mechanisms that drive life history transitions in the closest living relatives of animals, the choanoflagellates. We will specifically use Salpingoeca rosetta as a model and integrate omics approaches, microscopy and newly developed transgenesis and genome-editing tools to understand the function of chromatin regulators in this process.

Position 1: Dissecting transcriptional and epigenetic changes during cell differentiation in S. rosetta. The selected candidate will be responsible for leading efforts to use multiple -omics technologies (ChIPseq, ATACseq, MicroC etc.) to define the transcriptional and epigenetic changes underlying differentiation in S. rosetta cells.

Position 2: Understand the role of Polycomb-mediated repression in S. rosetta. The Postdoc will lead a project to understand the function of Polycomb mediated repression in S. rosetta by generating transgenic and mutant tools (via CRISPR-Cas9) and dissecting both the function and the mechanism of targeting of Polycomb in S. rosetta.

The ideal candidates should be highly motivated with a proven track record in research (e.g.1st author publications). They will have a PhD in molecular biology, biochemistry, or a related discipline. Experience in bioinformatics (Position 1) or genome editing (Position 2) would be an advantage as would experience in evolutionary or chromatin biology.

The start dates are flexible but after May 1st 2024. Starting salary is €42,033 (gross). Funding is for 4 years (Position 1) or 3 years (Position 2), although initial appointments may be shorter and further extension may be possible depending on funding.

To apply please email your CV along with a cover letter explaining your research/career goals as well as motivation for applying for this position, and the contact details of two referees to James Gahan ( Informal enquiries are welcome. The positions will stay open until filled.



Closing Date: 29 February 2024

Scientific fields: Cell fate control and differentiation, Computational and systems biology, Chromatin and epigenetics, Evo-devo and eco-evo-devo, Gene regulation

Model systems:

Duration: Permanent

Minimum qualifications: PhD

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