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Postdoctoral fellow at MRC National Institute for Medical Research in London, UK. Interested in the role of biological oscillators in development and daily physiology. Passionate about science education, outreach, and communication. Tweets @lexbwebb

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Outreach Activity – Smartphone to Microscope Conversion

Posted by on May 6th, 2014

Development is a fascinating process that few people have a chance to see, let alone photograph! We recently participated with other scientists from the Crick Institute at a Science Museum Lates in London in February. For our activity, we built these inexpensive platforms that convert a user’s smartphone into a microscope screen. We provided zebrafish[…]

Why don’t they tell Postdocs this Stuff? – Secrets to a Successful Science Career

Posted by on December 10th, 2013

Some scientists would say that postdoctoral fellows have the most desirable position in the lab. As a postdoc, you have the research experience from your PhD to give you credibility at the bench. You have the independence to run your own project and supervise students, but without the time commitments and administrative duties of a[…]