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Development presents…

Development presents...
A developmental biology webinar series

Development is excited to host a webinar series showcasing the latest developmental biology and stem cell research. The webinars are chaired each month by a different Development Editor, who invites talks from authors of exciting new papers and preprints. First authors are particularly encouraged to present their work – we hope the series will become a forum for supporting early-career researchers. The webinars typically occur once a month and are now held over Zoom. Subscribe to our mailing list using the button on the right to receive details about upcoming webinars as they are announced and learn more about the story behind Development presents… in this post on the Node.

Through most of 2023, we plan to showcase postdocs who will be applying for independent positions over the course of the year. This is part of our recently announced Pathway to Independence programme, through which we will be supporting postdocs as they go on the job market. To find out more about the Pathway to Independence programme, please read our editorial. We look forward to hosting these webinars!

31 May 2023 – 16:00 BST. Chaired by Katherine Brown

On the topic of in vitro and stem cell-based models of development with Anchel de Jaime Soguero, Elena Camacho Aguilar and Tyler Huycke

21 June 2023 – 16:00 BST. Chaired by James Briscoe

On the topic of growth and morphogenesis with Patricio Pérez-Henríquez, Stefania Tavano and Stefan Harmansa

2 August 2023 – 15:00 BST.

On the topic of evo-devo with Hannah Gruner, Allan Carrillo-Baltodano and Seth Donoughe

Details to be announced

4 October 2023 – 15:00 BST.

On the topic of neurodevelopment and regeneration with Baptiste Libe-Philippot, Idoia Quintana Urzainquiv and Leo Otsuki

Details to be announced

25 October 2023 – 15:00 BST.

On the topic of metabolism and development with Maria Fernanda Forni, Hidenobu Miyazawa and Siamek Redhai

Details to be announced

Banner image credits

Nematostella: Ashleigh E. Fritz, Aissam Ikmi, Christopher Seidel, Ariel Paulson, Matthew C. Gibson

Mouse kidney: Jeannine M. Basta, Lynn Robbins, Darcy R. Denner, Grant R. Kolar, Michael Rauchman

Organoid: Paul R. Jamieson, Johanna F. Dekkers, Anne C. Rios, Nai Yang Fu, Geoffrey J. Lindeman, Jane E. Visvader

Zebrafish retina: Alexander Picker, Florencia Cavodeassi, Gaia Gestri

Mouse embryo: Michael D. Wong, Yoshiro Maezawa, Jason P. Lerch, R. Mark Henkelman

Neural rosette: Albert Ruzo, Gist F. Croft, Jakob J. Metzger, Szilvia Galgoczi, Lauren J. Gerber, Cecilia Pellegrini, Hanbin Wang, Jr, Maria Fenner, Stephanie Tse, Adam Marks, Corbyn Nchako, Ali H. Brivanlou

Mouse heart: David E. Reichman, Laura Park, Limor Man, David Redmond, Kenny Chao, Richard P. Harvey, Makoto M. Taketo, Zev Rosenwaks, Daylon James

Drosophila embryo: Connie Rich

Arabidopsis pistil: Daisuke Kurihara, Yoko Mizuta, Yoshikatsu Sato, Tetsuya Higashiyama

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