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Show and tell

Show and tell

To provide more visual content on the Node, we are starting a new series called ‘Show and tell’. The aim of these short posts is to act as a hook for people to find out more about a paper, a technique or a location that is of interest to the developmental and stem cell biology community.

Do you have an incredible image or video from one of your recent papers? Are you optimising a technique and want to showcase a piece of equipment you are using? Or perhaps your research involves going to a field site to collect samples? Why not write a ‘Show and tell’ post yourself by following the directions in this post!

Nucleo-transfer in amphibians by Tom Elsdale, 1964

Posted by , on 11 January 2024

A 16mm video filmed in 1964 showing Tom Elsdale demonstrating nucleo-transfer in Xenopus egg.

Introducing ‘Show and tell’

Posted by , on 3 January 2024

Introducing ‘Show and tell’, our new blog series to bring more visual content to the Node.

Tweaking a gene can remind cells of their ancient roots

Posted by , on 3 January 2024

What is this? A sea anemone stinging cell (F; left panel) and change in cell identity following the knockout of a gene called NvSox2 (G; right panel). How was this …

BEE-ST – a technique for monitoring hard tissue development

Posted by , on 3 January 2024

What is this? BEE-ST (Bone and tEEth Spatio-Temporal growth monitoring) is a method to monitor mineralization dynamics across species. It is based on the intraperitoneal (abdominal cavity) administration of fluorescent …

A flipbook of zebrafish embryogenesis

Posted by , on 3 January 2024

A ‘flipbook’ of zebrafish embryogenesis in the 1996 issue of Development.

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