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Honest conversations

Honest conversations

The aim of this ‘Honest conversation’ series is for people to write about the ups and downs in their academic journey and create frank conversations around less-discussed topics on the Node, such as unconventional career paths, mental health, and equity, diversity and inclusion in science.

There is no strict format or word limit for these posts, but we particularly encourage posts about:

  • Navigating an academic career: were there moments of self-doubt of whether you’re cut out for academia? Do you have an unconventional ‘squiggly’ career path?
  • Mental health issues in the scientific community
  • Equality, diversity and inclusion in science
  • Troubleshooting: you can write about a tricky problem that you or your lab have been trying to troubleshoot for ages. Maybe someone from the other side of the world can help

Do you have an idea for a ‘Honest conversation’ post? Get in touch by emailing us.

A poetic response to ‘Science is more than the sum of research’

Posted by , on 10 January 2024

There are traditional measures of success in the research community, but should they be the only ways we define our success? Kirsty Ferguson writes a poetic response to Mayank Chugh’s …

Cracking the egg

Posted by , on 29 August 2023

Lessons from developmental biology in how to navigate the scientific career-scape Between the fifth and tenth days the lump of stem cells differentiates into the overall building plan of the …

Science is more than the sum of research 

Posted by , on 10 August 2023

Mayank Chugh asks “What do we value in science? What does success mean in science?” and argues we should normalize doing academic community work alongside research.

Coming Out of my Cage and I’ve Been Doing Really, Really Good

Posted by , on 10 August 2023

Perspectives of a Transgender Scientist

Introducing a new blog series: Honest conversations

Posted by , on 10 August 2023

Anyone who has spent time doing research knows that being a scientist is not always sunshine and rainbows. It is great to see people announcing on Twitter that they published …

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Updated on 9 August 2023