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I am an ARC Future Fellow and since June 2017, lead the Tissue Architecture and Organ function laboratory at the Centre for Cancer Biology, an alliance between SA Pathology and the University of South Australia. My lab focuses to understand how the architecture of more complex tissues arise from the mechanochemical interactions between its constituents (cells) and their immediate surrounding microenvironment. I did my PhD and my first postdoctoral position in Argentina, where I acquired experience in programing and quantitative image analysis together with live cell imaging. Then, I joined the laboratory of Prof. Alpha Yap at the University of Queensland, Australia, where we implemented novel fluorescence microscopy technologies to study mechanotransduction mechanisms in epithelial cells, which has opened new avenues in our understanding of the organization of epithelial cells into tissues and how it is affected during disease.

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What an amazing workshop by Madeline Lancaster, Denis Jabaudon and The Company of Biologists!

Posted by on February 28th, 2018

How do cells give rise to the functional architecture of the brain? This is no longer a neuroscience-only question. Indeed, it is a cellular, genetic, developmental, mechanical, and material problem that requires experts from all of these disciplines working together to understand how the brain works! Yet, from this architectural design perspective, it is very[…]