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Hello there! My name is Kalin Narov. During my week days, I work as a full-time cancer researcher at Cardiff University. In my "free time" (week day evenings and weekends), I am an aspiring biomedical illustrator. My particular interests are developmental biology and anatomy, while I am broadly fascinated by genetics, evolutionary biology, zoology and botany. I also run a website which is my scientific illustration portfolio. You are most welcome to visit it if you wish to learn more about my art work and interests.

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Embryosafari: an attempt at illustrating development

Posted by on September 12th, 2017

Hello, Community! In July, I revealed to the world my attempts at scientific illustration. Aidan (The Node’s Community Manager) took a keen interest in my work and was very kind to share it on social media. Here is my long-promised post about my biology art (which can be viewed at Before I delve into[…]