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Adventures in Studying Brain Sex Differences

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Three dimensional human lung tissue in a dish

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Mar├şa Castell├│ was Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1961. She obtained her MSc degree in 1992 and her PhD degree in 2002. Her doctoral research concerned the anatomo-functional analysis of the neural networks involved in sensory processing using weakly electric fish as a model, particularly the fast electrosensory pathway of the American gymnotid Gymnotus omarorum. On 2004 she attended the Neural Systems & Behavior Summer Course at MBL. As post-doctoral training she was awarded a Grass fellowship at MBL on 2006. She is Associate Scientist at the Instituto de Investigaciones Clemente Estable, Scientist of the Program for the Development of Basic Science (PEDECIBA), and member of the National System of Researchers of the Uruguayan Agency for Research and Innovation (ANII). She has more than 20 years of teaching experience at the Universidad de la Rep├║blica, Uruguay. Her main research interest is to study the development and plasticity of neural networks involved in sensory processing and sub-serving animal behaviour, using the electrosensory system of pulse type American gymnotids and African mormyrids as a model. She has ongoing collaborations with Dr K. Grant (UPR 2191, CNRS, France) partially funded by PICS grant #5601, and with Dr. D. Peterson (Rosalind Franklin University, USA) with whom is co-orienting a MSc Uruguayan student. She is also participating as researcher of the EC ICT-FET-2007-3: 231854, and as PI of a Research project funded by ANII (FCE #2246).


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