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In Development this week (Vol. 139, Issue 23)

Posted by , on 6 November 2012

Here are the highlights from the current issue of Development:   Dishevelled: the Notch-Wnt go-between The Notch and Wnt signalling pathways are used during animal development to generate a diverse ...

Gene regulation and developmental biology at the Royal Society

Posted by , on 5 November 2012

Last week, the Royal Society hosted a meeting entitled “Regulation from a distance: Long-range control of gene expression in development and disease”. The impressive London offices of the Society (complete ...

This month on the Node - October 2012

Posted by , on 1 November 2012

The big news this past month was of course the announcement of the Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine, awarded to John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka for their work on ...

Celebrating stem cells

Posted by , on 1 November 2012

Last month was an exciting one for stem cell research. I’m sure you all saw how stem cells hit international headlines with the announcement of a Nobel Prize for John ...

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