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Post-doc position to study the effects of aneuploidy on human stem cell fitness and fate

Posted by , on 7 June 2023

A post-doctoral position is available in the group of Tristan Rodriguez (Imperial College London) to study the impact of aneuploidy on early human development. Aneuploidy, or an abnormal and unbalanced ...

Postdoc in data-driven modeling of signaling dynamics and fate determination

Posted by , on 6 June 2023

The Jacobo Group at the Chan-Zuckerberg Biohub-San Francisco and the O’Brien Lab at Stanford University are seeking a joint postdoc to work on theory and modeling of signal dynamics that ...

Developing news

Posted by , on 5 June 2023

It matters who does science, mental health crisis among scientists and #devbio preLights.

May in preprints

Posted by , on 5 June 2023

The preprints in May 2023 related to developmental and stem cell biology.

Postdoc opening: vertebrate morphogenesis and mechanobiology at Columbia University in New York City

Posted by , on 2 June 2023

The Nerurkar Lab at Columbia University is looking for Postdoctoral Researchers with an interest in the interplay between molecular and mechanical aspects of vertebrate morphogenesis. Using the chick embryo, we ...

Made the Same Way: Where's the line, where's the limit?

Posted by , on 2 June 2023

The seventh episode of Made the Same Way, a podcast produced by the Wellcome-funded Human Developmental Biology Initiative, features sociologist and writer Marieke Bigg discussing the ethics of research with ...

You are not alone

Posted by , on 2 June 2023

Gender problems in STEM are familiar to women researchers in every corner of the world. Japan is no exception. In a culture that seeks harmony and balance with people around, ...

Genetics Unzipped: Meet the DNA Detectives hunting the causes of cancer

Posted by , on 1 June 2023

We’re chasing down the perpetrator of a scientific Whodunnit, joining the DNA detectives on the hunt for the causes of cancer.

Junior Group Leader Position Genetics and Developmental Biology

Posted by , on 31 May 2023

As part of its research strategy, the Institut Curie is recruiting a Junior Group Leader to the Genetics and Developmental Biology Department located in central Paris in an exceptional scientific ...

Postdoctoral Research Associate endothelial-to-haematopoietic transition, development of HSC, YAP/TAZ mechanosignalling

Posted by , on 29 May 2023

A postdoctoral research associate position is available to work on analysis of mechanisms underlying the endothelial-to-haematopoietic transition (EHT) and generation of haematopoietic stem cells. You will use embryonic aorta-gonad-mesonephros (AGM) ...

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