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Development presents… June webinar

Posted by , on 12 May 2021

  Wednesday 9 June 2021 – 15:00 BST (GMT+1) For our ninth webinar in the Development presents… series, Development Editor Maria-Elena Torres-Padilla (Institute of Epigenetics and Stem Cells) has invited three talks on …
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When statistical physics meets developmental biology: Predicting the structural properties of embryonic tissues from a simple cell parameter

Posted by , on 7 May 2021

By Bernat Corominas-Murtra and Nicoletta I. Petridou Embryo morphogenesis is a play whose outcome is the result of a complex and delicate plot, made of balances and agreements among many …

Continuous and Extended Ex Utero Embryogenesis in Mammals

Posted by , on 6 May 2021

By Alejandro Aguilera Castrejon and Jacob H. Hanna Understanding the developmental processes leading to the formation of tissues and organs represents one of the most fundamental questions in developmental and …

Genetics Unzipped podcast: Genes and giants – the science of big and small

Posted by , on 6 May 2021

Kat Arney takes a look at the genetics of giants and the science of small. Why do some species grow so large? What’s the genetic legacy behind Charles Byrne and …

April in preprints

Posted by , on 5 May 2021

Our monthly trawl for developmental biology (and related) preprints.

New strings for the puppeteer of evolution

Posted by , on 30 April 2021

Sarah Jacquelyn Smith, Lance Davidson and Mark Rebeiz One of the biggest mysteries in the developmental evolution field is the puzzle of how new morphological structures come about. If you …

SciArt Profiles: Marzia Munafò

Posted by , on 30 April 2021

Our eighth profile in the series features Marzia Munafò, a postdoctoral researcher currently based in Rome. Where are you originally from and what do you work on now? I am …

Development presents… May webinar

Posted by , on 29 April 2021

  Wednesday 12 May 2021 – 16:00 BST (GMT+1) The eighth webinar in our Development presents… series will be chaired by Development Editor Paola Arlotta (Harvard Stem Cell Institute), who has …

Sperm development linked to testicular cancer

Posted by , on 28 April 2021

A Press Release from Development Scientists led by Dr Jason Heaney from Baylor College of Medicine in Texas, USA, have found that a failure in the development of sperm cells …

Circadian clock in the mouse placenta

Posted by , on 28 April 2021

This press release was released by Development (paper link). The placenta forms the interface between the maternal and foetal circulatory systems. As well as ensuring essential nutrients, endocrine and immunological …

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Development presents…

On Wednesday 14 April, Iva Kelava discussed the role of sex hormones in the human developing brain.

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