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SciArt profile: Diego Galagovsky

Posted by , on 17 January 2022

In our first SciArt profile of 2022, we hear from Diego Galagovsky, a postdoc with a passion for using cartoons to communicate science.
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Weinstein Cardiovascular Development and Regeneration Conference

Posted by , on 13 January 2022

Do not miss the Weinstein Cardiovascular Development and Regeneration Conference in Marseille (France) on 12-14th May, our first time in the South of France. To get information about the program, …

Genetics Unzipped podcast: How the zebra got its stripes – when maths and molecules collide

Posted by , on 13 January 2022

Discover the maths behind some of the deepest mysteries of life, from the patterning of stripes on a zebra to the spots on a leopard, and even the bones in …

Science visualization trends of 2021

Posted by , on 10 January 2022

What are the top 10 science visualization trends of 2021? I summarize ten notable changes I’ve seen in science figures in the past year.

BSDB Gurdon Summer Studentship Report – Rufus Morgan

Posted by , on 5 January 2022

Regionalising the nervous system: the steps to produce spinal cord. The nervous system is one of the first structures that develops during embryogenesis. However, the process by which regional identity …

December in preprints

Posted by , on 5 January 2022

Welcome to our monthly collection of preprints on developmental and stem cell biology (and related fields). The list includes a number of more unusual model organisms including squirrels, hippos, the …

Community Manager for Microscopy Community Site FocalPlane

Posted by , on 4 January 2022

Journal of Cell Science and its publisher The Company of Biologists are seeking to appoint a new Community Manager to run our microscopy community website, FocalPlane. Launched in 2020, FocalPlane …

2021 in numbers

Posted by , on 31 December 2021

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the Node in 2021. We hope you have enjoyed interacting with the site over the past year.

Uncovering the Regenerative Capacity of Araneus diadematus

Posted by , on 25 December 2021

Regeneration is the mechanism by which a species can restore damaged or missing cells, tissues, organs, or body parts. Different living organisms have vastly differing regenerative capabilities. Humans, while capable …

SciArt profile: Jessica Richardson

Posted by , on 21 December 2021

In our final SciArt profile of 2021 we meet Jessica Richardson, a final year PhD student in Kate Poole’s group at the University of New South Wales, Sydney.

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