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The Sustainable Conferencing Initiative

Posted by , on 23 July 2021

Hello all! I am Viktoria, the Sustainable Conferencing Officer of The Company of Biologists. I am here to quickly answer some questions about our Sustainable Conferencing Initiative.  What is the aim of the Initiative?  As …
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An interview with Zhiyi Lv

Posted by , on 22 July 2021

Over on The Company of Biologists WeChat channel, we’re enjoying getting to know the growing community. We recently published an interview with Dr Zhiyi Lv, a member of Professor Bo …

The people behind the papers – Vincent Mouilleau, Célia Vaslin and Stéphane Nedelec

Posted by , on 19 July 2021

This interview, the 96th in our series, was published in Development earlier this year.  As the vertebrate body axis extends, HOX genes are sequentially activated in axial progenitors to specify their identity. …

How exploring single cell dynamics in the early embryo revealed a protective system based on mechanical cell cooperation

Posted by , on 15 July 2021

by Esteban Hoijman and Verena Ruprecht The immune system is able to deal with cellular anomalies and invading pathogens. However, it has remained enigmatic how vertebrate embryos handle stress conditions …

Genetics Unzipped podcast: Genes for all – Making sure everyone benefits from genetics research

Posted by , on 15 July 2021

We meet some of the researchers who are working to make sure that everyone gets the benefits of genetic research – from underserved communities to entire continents.

The people behind the papers – Clément Dubois, Shivam Gupta, Andrew Mugler and Marie-Anne Félix

Posted by , on 12 July 2021

This interview, the 95th in our series, was published in Development earlier this year.  Cell migration needs to be precisely regulated during development so that cells stop in the right position. A …

A bad day for the angel on my shoulder: Practical advice for grant writing from the #devbiolwriteclub and #devbiolgrantclub

Posted by , on 11 July 2021

Hello!  Welcome back to the #devbiolwriteclub!  Over the last year or so, I’ve harangued you on Twitter and on The Node about practicing the craft of writing.  I’ve ignored any …

June in preprints

Posted by , on 6 July 2021

Our monthly trawl of developmental biology and stem cell preprints

The people behind the papers – Brandon Carpenter and David Katz

Posted by , on 5 July 2021

This interview, the 94th in our series, was published in Development earlier this year.  A dynamic pattern of histone methylation and demethylation controls gene expression during development, with some processes such as …

Genetics Unzipped podcast: Six toed cats and cyclops lambs – the story of Sonic Hedgehog

Posted by , on 1 July 2021

From six-toed cats to cyclops lambs, the Sonic Hedgehog gene has a fascinating history, as well as a whole bunch of interesting developmental biology behind it.

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