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Creating pancreatic cells in the laboratory to cure people with diabetes

Posted by on February 13th, 2020

New research by the Serup group shows how the Notch signalling pathway works when the pancreas forms as the fetus develops. This discovery may lead to new opportunities to cure people with diabetes and understand how pancreatic cancer develops. By Kristian Sjøgren for  Imagine doctors in the near future being able to cultivate stem cells[…]

Building Bodies

Posted by on February 13th, 2020

Dear developmental biologists, As editor-in-chief and executive editor of Knowable Magazine from Annual Reviews, we’re grateful for the invitation to write a post here at The Node about a special report on developmental biology — “Building Bodies” — that Knowable just published. We hope that the articles, written in accessible language, will intrigue and be[…]

Genetics Unzipped – How to argue with a racist

Posted by on February 13th, 2020

Adam Rutherford tells us how to argue with a racist, hunting for ghosts in the genome, and recreating the discovery of the double helix in Lego.

Preventing cellular mixing with programmed cell death

Posted by on February 12th, 2020

By Lisandro Maya-Ramos and Takashi Mikawa Bilaterality, the property of having two symmetrical sides, is widely conserved among animals. It is estimated that 99% of all animal species are bilaterians, with the remaining 1% composed by sponges and radial animals, which lack or have radial symmetry respectively (1).  Although bilaterality is widespread among animals, little[…]

January in preprints

Posted by on February 3rd, 2020

Welcome to our monthly trawl for developmental biology (and related) preprints.  This month’s trawl includes a veritable farm, with developmental studies of potatoes, beetroot, tomato, maize, wheat, pigs, cows and goats, plus many of the usual suspects. They were hosted on bioRxiv and arXiv. Let us know if we missed anything. Use these links to get to[…]

Genetics Unzipped – Fish, facts and fiction – from Haeckel’s embryos to Tiktaalik

Posted by on January 30th, 2020

We’re discovering our inner fish: finding out whether we really do go through a fishy phase in the womb, and looking at the legacy of Tiktaalik, the first fish to walk on land. 

BSDB Gurdon/The Company of Biologists 2019 Summer Studentship Report – Jake Cornwall Scoones

Posted by on January 29th, 2020

Established by the British Society for Developmental Biology in 2014, The Gurdon/The Company of Biologists Summer Studentship scheme provides financial support to allow highly motivated undergraduate students an opportunity to engage in practical research during their summer vacation. Each year, ten successful applicants spend eight weeks in the research laboratories of their choices, and the feedback[…]

The people behind the papers – Roman Szabo and Thomas Bugge

Posted by on January 29th, 2020

This interview, the 74th in our series, was recently published in Development.  Dysregulated activity of cell surface proteolytic enzymes has a wide range of developmental and pathological consequences, but the underlying mechanisms are often poorly understood. A new Development paper uses mice to model a severe inherited form of enteropathy and the role of the serine protease matriptase[…]

A Symposium to Honor Dr. Drew Noden’s Contribution to Science

Posted by on January 27th, 2020

50 Years of Head Developmental Research – A Symposium to Honor Dr. Drew Noden’s Contribution to Science WHERE? NYU College of Dentistry (345 1st Avenue, New York, NY 10010) WHEN? May 18, 2020; 8.30am – 5pm Registration: FREE; contact Organizers: Rui Diogo;Jean-Pierre N Saint-Jeannet; Richard A Schneider;Janine M. Ziermann   (+1 rating, 1 votes)Loading…