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Developmental biologists tackle biodiversity, peer review, climate change in annual Development meeting

Posted by , on 24 October 2023

Of the 10 million or so species that make up Earth’s biosphere, the majority of biological discoveries in the 20th century were made in just six organisms. Statistically representative? I ...

"Unconventional" posts from #DevMeeting23: That's all folks!

Posted by , on 26 September 2023

This wraps up the “unconventional posts” miniseries celebrating the emerging experimental systems from DevMeeting23 that are teaching us so much! Be sure to check out the “unconventional and emerging experimental ...

"Unconventional" posts from #DevMeeting23: Plants

Posted by , on 20 September 2023

From Procko, Radin et al., 2022. “Dynamic calcium signals mediate the feeding response of the carnivorous sundew plant.” PNAS. More plant representatives For this postcard, I’ve selected Ivan’s talk about ...

"Unconventional" posts from #DevMeeting23: Early branching metazoa

Posted by , on 20 September 2023

On Monday we learned a bit about early branching animals, especially the cnidarians. One poster mentioned ongoing work in ctenophores. Note: I should point out that Nematostella wasn’t the only ...

"Unconventional" posts from #DevMeeting23: Origins of multicellularity

Posted by , on 18 September 2023

Introducing “unconventional posts,” a miniseries celebrating the “unconventional” experimental systems presented at #DevMeeting23. Each day I’ll upload handmade postcards spotlighting the breadth of unconventional systems shared in talks or posters ...

10th Advances in Stem Cell Biology Course (Institut Pasteur, Paris, France) - Course report

Posted by , on 21 August 2023

Every year, the Pasteur Institute of Paris organizes a course on Advances in Stem Cell Biology (ASCB). Directed by Professors Laure Bally-Cuif and Shahragim Tajbakhsh, this course brings together over ...