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April in preprints

Posted by , on 6 May 2024

A list of developmental and stem cell biology (and related) preprints uploaded in April.

Embryos in hungry mouse mums postpone development

Posted by , on 15 April 2024

A press release from Development It’s challenging to sustain a pregnancy when food is short, or conditions are otherwise tough. That’s why many mammalian embryos can postpone their growth to ...

March in preprints

Posted by , on 8 April 2024

Here's our monthly trawl for preprints in developmental and stem cell biology (related fields).

The homeobox – 40 years of discovery

Posted by , on 2 April 2024

An Editorial in Development, introducing the collection of articles showcasing the impact of the discovery of the homeobox.

An afternoon in the museum with an exploded skull and a 3.5m python skeleton

Posted by , on 19 March 2024

The people and the research behind the exhibition ‘Growing a backbone’ at the University Museum of Zoology (Cambridge, UK).

Diversity drives discovery in developmental plasticity

Posted by , on 15 March 2024

This is an excerpt from the Editorial by Patricia Wright and Kathleen Gilmour, editors of Journal of Experimental Biology’s Special Issue “Developmental Plasticity: From Mechanisms to Evolutionary Processes“. Understanding the ...

Funded Research Internships at the Faculty of Medical & Health Sciences at Tel Aviv University

Posted by , on 14 March 2024

Exceptional students from anywhere in the world are invited to apply! Who can apply? We’re excited to welcome outstanding young scientists who have  completed their BSc or MSc studies or ...

A journey of understanding the distinct molecular mechanisms underlying plant photoperiodism

Posted by , on 29 February 2024

In a new study, Joshua Gendron and colleagues find that plants can measure two different photoperiods to independently control seasonal flowering and growth, and the vegetative growth is partially dependent on ...

Understanding Variants of Uncertain Significance in Congenital Anomalies. Submit your clinically relevant variant(s) through our portal.

Posted by , on 27 February 2024

What we see Approximately 1 in 20 babies are born with severe anatomical malformations. Each year this equates to 8 million affected newborns, of which 300,000 die within the first ...

Poorly coiled frog guts help scientists unravel prevalent human birth anomaly

Posted by , on 22 February 2024

Scientists from North Carolina State University have used a herbicide to discover that disrupting metabolism could derail a series of cellular events required for proper elongation and rotation of the ...

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