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SciArt profile: Sonhita Chakraborty

Posted by , on 4 September 2023

In this latest SciArt profile, we talked to Sonhita Chakraborty about her background in plant biology, how science and art blend into each other, and her first solo art exhibition.

SciArt profile: Deepti Trivedi

Posted by , on 2 August 2023

Deepti Trivedi has a background in neurogenetics in flies and mice, and does drawings inspired by Drosophila research.

Unveiling the Unseen: Organizing a Science Art Exhibition

Posted by , on 12 July 2023

Organizing an art exhibition, especially a solo one, is an intimidating but truly exciting experience. For me, as a scientist and artist, the journey of curating a science art exhibition ...

SciArt profile: Kimberley Snowden

Posted by , on 6 July 2023

In this SciArt profile, we spoke with Kimberley Snowden, who has a background in plant molecular and developmental biology and makes science-inspired polymer clay artwork.

SciArt profile: Frank Macabenta

Posted by , on 19 June 2023

Our latest SciArt profile features Frank Macabenta, a developmental biologist who freelances as a scientific illustrator.

Made the Same Way: A human egg looks nothing like a human

Posted by , on 9 June 2023

In the final episode of the Human Developmental Biology Initiative’s podcast, hip-hop artist Aubz meets Oxford University scientist Shankar Srinivas and they discuss questions such as what is human developmental ...

Made the Same Way: Where's the line, where's the limit?

Posted by , on 2 June 2023

The seventh episode of Made the Same Way, a podcast produced by the Wellcome-funded Human Developmental Biology Initiative, features sociologist and writer Marieke Bigg discussing the ethics of research with ...

Made the Same Way: This pattern of wrinkles

Posted by , on 26 May 2023

In sixth episode of HDBI’s podcast, Made the Same Way, scientist Katie Long explores the topic of human brain development with spoken word artist Harmony. At the end of the ...

SciArt profile: Ivana Henry

Posted by , on 25 May 2023

In our latest SciArt profile we hear from Ivana Henry, a science communicator and illustrator with a background in developmental genetics.

Made the Same Way: A repetitive process of branching

Posted by , on 19 May 2023

The fifth episode of Made the Same Way, a podcast produced by the Wellcome-funded Human Developmental Biology Initiative, features Lucía Cabriales Torrijos discussing human lung development with performer Beth (aka ...