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Welcome to the developmental and stem cell biology jobs board. Following a recent update, the board shows only active job adverts – expired adverts will be moved to the jobs archive.

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Light Microscopy Specialist

Posted by , on 17 March 2023

We are looking for a light microscopy specialist to support the day to day running of the Oxford Brookes Centre for Bioimaging together with the facility manager. We have a …
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Postdoctoral Research Associate in Developmental Signalling

Posted by , on 16 March 2023

A postdoctoral research associate position is available in Hilary Ashe’s lab at the University of Manchester.  The BBSRC funded position is available to study the extracellular regulation of BMP signalling in the …

Postdoc scholar in Molecular Physiology

Posted by , on 9 March 2023

The research The lab ( led by Sofie Mohlin focuses on the (patho)physiology of healthy embryogenesis and tumor initiation. We want to understand how childhood cancer forms during neural crest …

2 Postdocs in Dev Neuro in the Fernandes Lab @ UCL

Posted by , on 4 March 2023

Postdoc 1: Timing and coordinating neuronal specification with commitment  Neuronal differentiation is driven by dramatic changes in gene expression, which are precisely timed during development. This project aims to understand (1) …

The Marseille Developmental Biology Institute is recruiting group leaders

Posted by , on 16 February 2023

The IBDM invites applications for group leader positions. We seek researchers who define and address fundamental questions in biology, including the development, the function, and the dynamics of complex biological …

Postdoctoral fellow to investigate epigenetic mechanisms in birth defect causation and prevention

Posted by , on 7 February 2023

We are recruiting a postdoctoral fellow to investigate epigenetic mechanisms in causing and preventing birth defects  Clefts of the lip and palate are among the most common human birth defects …

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Posted by , on 7 February 2023

A postdoctoral research associate position is available to work on recapitulation of morphogenesis of the embryonic dorsal aorta using human ES cell cultures with the aim to reproduce the process …

Research Fellow in Hematovascular Development – Monteiro Lab

Posted by , on 7 February 2023

Grade 7 (£32,995-£42,998). Post available for 3 years from 01/06/2023. Deadline for application: 06/03/2023, 11:59 PM GMT. A Postdoctoral Research Assistant position is available at the Institute of Cancer and …

Research Assistant in Tissue Repair

Posted by , on 4 February 2023

We are seeking to appoint a Research Assistant to join our group investigating the mechanisms of tissue repair. In particular, we focus on how inflammation and angiogenesis interface in the …

PhD position: Immune-islet crosstalk in β-cell regeneration

Posted by , on 30 January 2023

We have shown that zebrafish have the outstanding ability to regenerate β-cells and reverse the course of diabetes.  The secrets of this regenerative ability remain to be elucidated.  Our central …

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