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A coming of age of Developmental Biology in Oxford: thou shall measure and think critically about your data

Posted by on July 7th, 2013

Alfonso Martinez Arias ( An EMBO workshop organized by Alex Schier and James Briscoe, assembled a cast of young and seasoned biologists in Oxford to discuss progress and controversies on Morphogen Gradients, a central topic in Developmental Biology. I could only stay for half of the meeting but the message was clear: there is a[…]

Retinoic Acid Gradient Directly Visualized During Zebrafish Gastrulation

Posted by on April 11th, 2013

Retinoic acid is one of the most important signaling molecules during development, and that the embryo gets the right levels of this small molecule is critical. Too much or too little, and the basic patterning of the nervous system and many other organs goes terribly wrong. Indeed, you have to think for a bit to[…]