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SciArt profile: Gabriela Krejčová

Posted by , on 6 June 2024

In this SciArt profile, we meet Gabriela Krejčová, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic, who enjoys making nature-inspired jewellery. Can you tell us about your ...

SciArt profile: Philipp Dexheimer

Posted by , on 9 May 2024

Meet Philipp Dexheimer, whose Molecular Graffiti and scientific illustrations are inspired by the concepts and molecular aesthetics of nature.

SciArt profile: Maja Mielke

Posted by , on 10 April 2024

In this SciArt profile, we meet Maja Mielke, who is doing a PhD in functional morphology and enjoys making nature-inspired drawings.

SciArt profile: Brent Foster

Posted by , on 21 March 2024

Find out more about Brent Foster's recent artistic projects and how he takes inspiration from the marine invertebrates he work with to create his drawings.

SciArt profile: Leonora Martínez Nuñez

Posted by , on 15 February 2024

Find out about Leonora Martínez Nuñez, scientific visualization specialist with a background in microbiology and fungal cell biology.

Papa, how do shells twist?

Posted by , on 12 February 2024

Find out about developmental biologist Luisma Escudero's illustrated book “Papá ¿cómo se enroscan las caracolas?”, where Luisma and his three children go on a walk to discover the scutoid shape ...

SciArt profile: Elad Bassat

Posted by , on 10 January 2024

In this SciArt profile, find out more about Elad Bassat, the scientist behind the artwork ‘Klimt-olotl’, chosen as both the Judges’ choice and People’s choice in the 'Science-inspired art' category ...

SciArt profile: Morag Lewis

Posted by , on 19 December 2023

Find out more more about Morag Lewis, the scientist behind the artwork 'Castle of Dreaming Dragons', which was chosen as the Judges' choice runner-up in the Node-BSDB virtual art exhibition. ...

Crocheted embryo models — featured artwork from the Node-BSDB virtual art exhibition

Posted by , on 4 December 2023

In the recent BSDB-the Node virtual art exhibition, Tahani Baakdhah’s crocheted embryo models were selected as the Judges’ Choice runner-up in the ‘Science-inspired art’ category. We briefly caught up with ...

SciArt profile: Lauren Moon

Posted by , on 20 November 2023

Find out more about Lauren Moon, a PhD student in developmental biology who enjoys creating science-themed calligraphy and hand-painted ceramic plates.

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