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A marine biologist by training whose research has centred around describing variation during embryonic development and interpreting the potential evolutionary and ecological implications of this. This has seen me build high-throughput technologies (hardware and software) for quantifying the phenome of aquatic embryos. I work with a wide range of species.

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EmbryoPhenomics: An open-source technological platform

Posted by on February 5th, 2019

Tills O, Spicer JI, Grimmer A, Marini S, Jie VW, Tully E, Rundle SD. 2018. A high-throughput and open-source platform for embryo phenomics. PLOS Biology, 16:1-19. Background A seasoned graduate student gave me some valuable advice at the outset of my PhD. She told me to FIND A BETTER WAY!  We were both working on[…]