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Between 2010 and 2014 we ran a series focused on alternative careers for scientists, hearing from specialists in publishing, law, journalism, ethics and more. We’d love to reinvigorate this series – please get in touch if you have any ideas!

MySciCareer – first-person stories about science careers

Posted by , on 27 February 2014

It’s been a while since I last wrote on the Node, but I have something to share that ties in to a project I started while I was still the …
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There and back again…

Posted by , on 26 June 2013

We’ve all heard the aphorism that once you leave academia, you can’t go back. A little over two years ago, I wrote about my transition from academic research to scientific …

A Career in Science Management

Posted by , on 13 February 2012

Last June, Eva summarised the Node’s alternative careers stories, personal accounts of how scientists made their transitions from research into various alternative career paths. As a friend of Andrea Hutterer, …

Leaving the lab: career development for developmental biologists

Posted by , on 6 September 2011

Over the past months, we’ve heard from several people who left research for a career away from the bench. Now, a summary of all these posts appears in Development, followed …

Keeping an Open Mind – A Scientist’s Quest for Positive Change

Posted by , on 12 July 2011

I am the founder and CEO of DataGiving. I founded DataGiving whilst completing my Ph.D. in Genetics at the University of Cambridge. I have always been passionate about helping people. …

How fate determined my career as a science journalist

Posted by , on 21 June 2011

If I shut my eyes, I can still picture  the young boy dressed as a gravedigger. He’s taking centre-stage, flourishing a spade and cheerily telling his audience that if they …

In 2012 we met Andrea Hutterer, then Fellowships Manager at EMBO, who told us about her transition from research to science management.

Do you have a career story you’d like to share with the community?

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