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The brave new world of ncRNAs

Posted by , on 1 March 2012

Progress in understanding how cells interpret their genome has gathered significant momentum in recent years. Of course, the (now historical) catalyst to this was the entry into the genomic age, ...

Book Review: Developmental Biology, A Very Short Introduction

Posted by , on 1 March 2012

Book Info:  Developmental Biology: A Very Short Introduction by Lewis Wolpert. Aug 2011. 152 pages. ISBN: 9780199601196 (Paperback) Price: $11.95 /£7.99 The very first sentence Lewis Wolpert writes in Developmental ...

New Community Resource: WIREs Developmental Biology

Posted by , on 1 March 2012

The Society for Developmental Biology (SDB) has partnered with Wiley-Blackwell to publish a new web-based encyclopedic resource for developmental biologists—WIREs Developmental Biology­.  This collection of invited peer-reviewed review articles encompasses ...

Wellcome Trust: Epigenomics of Common Diseases

Posted by , on 1 March 2012

Building on the success of last year’s event, ECD 2012, which will take palce on 12-15 October 2012, will bring together scientists from the fields of epigenomics, genetics and bioinformatics to ...

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