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Book Review: Developmental Biology, A Very Short Introduction

Posted by , on 1 March 2012

Book Info:  Developmental Biology: A Very Short Introduction by Lewis Wolpert. Aug 2011. 152 pages. ISBN: 9780199601196 (Paperback) Price: $11.95 /£7.99 The very first sentence Lewis Wolpert writes in Developmental ...

Australia Rallies Against Cutbacks To Medical Research Funding

Posted by , on 12 April 2011

Last week, news that the Australian government was planning to slash the budget for medical research by more than half over the next three years leaked out and rocked the ...

A win for Developmental Biology in Japan

Posted by , on 19 November 2010

Science is held pretty highly in Japan. The country has produced 15 Nobel Prize winners in the science disciplines, including two in the field of chemistry this year. But perhaps ...