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Ethical development

Posted by on September 2nd, 2014

This editorial was first published in Development. We encourage feedback from the community on our policies – please leave any comments below.   A central premise of scientific publishing – that publication in a peer-reviewed journal means that the reader can be confident that an article is solid – has been challenged on a number of fronts in recent times.[…]

In Development this week (Vol. 141, Issue 18)

Posted by on September 2nd, 2014

Here are the highlights from the current issue of Development:   Mcc: a new player in gastrulation The mutated in molorectal cancer (Mcc) gene has been described as a tumour suppressor, and has been shown to interact with β-catenin and thus limit Wnt signalling. However, various data also indicate a potential role in regulating the[…]

This month on the Node- August 2014

Posted by on September 1st, 2014

Here are last month’s highlights! Don’t forget to check our jobs page too.   Research: – Gary wrote about his visit to a particle accelerator to image Xenopus embry0s using X-rays. – Thomas discussed his  paper in Development on the evolution of the development underlying the complex cerebellum found in amniotes. – Milos introduced his blog ‘Creative Morphometrics’, where he[…]