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Katherine Brown

I'm the Executive Editor of Development. My job involves working with the academic editors and the in-house team on the content and production of the journal, commissioning and editing review articles, attending conferences and generally keeping up-to-date with the field and the community. In my earlier life I was a developmental biologist working on eye morphogenesis in flies and then fish, before a stint as an editor at The EMBO Journal.


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Development Journal Meeting: From Stem Cells to Human Development

Posted by , on 19 January 2024

Back in early 2013, Olivier Pourquie (Development’s then Editor-in-Chief) and I were working hard to integrate stem cell biology into Development. Reading papers and attending conferences, much of the focus ...

"Sharing is caring" - Development's Pathway to Independence Programme

Posted by , on 12 December 2023

I’m excited to announce that we have now opened applications for the second round of Development’s Pathway to Indpendence Programme. This programme is aimed at supporting postdocs who will be ...

In preprints: highlighting the latest literature

Posted by , on 6 October 2023

As readers of the Node’s monthly preprint round-up will know, it can be hard to keep up with the ever-growing number of preprints. That’s one of the reasons why Development ...

Editorial opportunities at The Company of Biologists

Posted by , on 4 October 2023

We currently have several vacancies across our journals – if you’re interested in a career in publishing (or are already working as an editor but looking for a move), and ...

Development's Pathway to Independence programme

Posted by , on 21 December 2022

At Development, we know that going on the job market and then setting up a lab is a real crunch time in an academic’s career, and not everyone receives the ...

Recent jobs by Katherine Brown

Reviews Editor for the journal Development

Posted by , on 11 October 2022

Development, published by The Company of Biologists, is currently seeking applications for a Reviews Editor, a role that has become available following an internal promotion. Development is our flagship journal for the developmental biology and stem cell community. Joining an experienced and successful team, this is an exciting opportunity to make a significant contribution to […]

Community Manager: the Node

Posted by , on 19 March 2021

The Company of Biologists and its journal Development are seeking to appoint a new Community Manager to run its successful community website ‘the Node’ ( and the journal’s social media activities. Launched in 2010, the Node is the place for the developmental biology community to share news, discuss issues relevant to the field and read […]

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I love how the Zoology museum has opened up in recent years - I visit regularly with my toddler, who loves looking at the specimens (though generally keeps me running after him too much for me to have found all the 'growing a backbone' exhibits!). It's a far cry from my earlier experience of the museum, having undergrad supervisions looking at the display cases - which certainly weren't interrupted by over-excited children or harried mothers...! Thanks to all the team at the museum for making it such a welcoming place for families, while still keeping the science at the heart of what they do.
by Katherine Brown in An afternoon in the museum with an exploded skull and a 3.5m python skeleton on March 19, 2024
Agreed - we definitely expected to see more disruption. And while all the averages look normal, I think it's fair to say that we've seen greater variation in some of these metrics than most years! I also think we might continue to see effects well into the future as the long-term consequences of delayed experiments, lab shutdowns and funding squeezes continue to play out.
by Katherine Brown in Development through the pandemic on December 3, 2020
Indeed - and it's those corridor (or exhibition hall) conversations at conferences that are particularly hard to replace virtually. Hopefully we'll figure out better ways of doing this in the online space, and hopefully we'll be able to do it again in person one day!
by Katherine Brown in Staying connected during the COVID19 pandemic on May 22, 2020
Thanks for posting Sofia - this was a great idea and glad to hear it went well. What kind of 'objects' did the scientists bring along, and did some things work better than others to initiate discussion?
by Katherine Brown in Opening the doors of scientific conferences to local citizens on November 28, 2018
I'm interested to know whether any Node readers have experience with using sites like ReviewerCredits or Publons - why did you sign up, what do you get out of it and how do you think journals should engage with these initiatives? Any comments gratefully received below!
by Katherine Brown in Recognition and metrics for peer review activity: on April 26, 2017