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Basement membrane mechanical properties

Posted by , on 20 May 2022

Extrinsic forces have an underestimated impact on shaping tissues and organs. Extracellular matrixes surround tissues and provide the cells with mechanical stimuli to drive morphogenetic processes.  A specialized extracellular matrix ...

Genetics Unzipped: Squid Game

Posted by , on 19 May 2022

In the latest episode of the Genetics Unzipped podcast, Dr Sally Le Page takes a deep dive into the world of squid.

Evolution of pancreatic cell types: a single cell transcriptomic approach

Posted by , on 18 May 2022

Wanna figure out how and when pancreatic cell types arose during evolution? Then join us! There is a fully funded PhD position in association with the Open University, UK ...

Sainsbury Laboratory Symposium 2022

Posted by , on 18 May 2022

Sainsbury Laboratory Symposium 2022 Regulatory Dynamics in Development and Evolution 21-23 September 2022 | Cambridge, UK and Online Symposium format The 4th biennial Sainsbury Laboratory Symposium (#SLS22) will take place at the ...

Engineer position in biology – Lenne Lab, IBDM, Marseille, France

Posted by , on 17 May 2022

An engineer position in biology is available starting in September 2022 in the Lenne group at the Developmental Biology Institute of Marseille (IBDM), France.  The initial appointment will be made for ...

Postdoctoral Fellow Positions in multiscale dynamics of cell contact formation and remodeling in early C. elegans embryos – Munro (Chicago, USA), Lenne and Ruprecht (Marseille, France)

Posted by , on 17 May 2022

The Munro (Chicago, USA), Lenne and Ruprecht (Marseille, France) groups seek 2-3 postdoctoral fellows to join a newly funded (NSF/ANR) international collaboration. The overall goal of this effort is to understand how cell-cell contacts in ...

Bioinformatician staff position at reNEW (AC-TAP)

Posted by , on 16 May 2022

The Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Stem Cell Medicine (reNEW) at Faculty of Health & Medical Sciences at the University of Copenhagen is looking for a Bioinformatician (AC-TAP) to join ...

Reproductive Organoid Workshop 18 - 19 July 2022 Homerton College, Cambridge

Posted by , on 16 May 2022

Cambridge Reproduction, the Cambridge Academy of Therapeutic Sciences and the Centre for Trophoblast Research are holding a workshop on 18–19 July 2022, Realising the translational potential of reproductive organoids, and ...

Post-Doc Position in Cell Biology/Developmental Neurosciences

Posted by , on 15 May 2022

Project: The project is built on the unique expertise of our team in transcriptional control of neural stem cell (NSC) differentiation (Olivier Raineteau) and glia-to-neuron reprogramming (Christophe Heinrich) to unravel ...

“FROG WIZARD” POSTDOC POSITION at Boston University, Garcia-Marcos Lab

Posted by , on 14 May 2022

Position overview: We have a project investigating how protein complexes signal to regulate polarity and the cytoskeleton in the context of multiciliated epithelial cells. Would you like to become our ...

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