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Lab meeting with the Ríos-Barrera lab

Posted by , on 13 June 2024

Meet the Rios-Barrera lab, based in UNAM, Mexico City. The lab uses the Drosophila respiratory system to study the sub- and supracellular mechanisms of morphogenesis.

Catch up on Development presents… June webinar on brain development

Posted by , on 12 June 2024

Catch up on the Development presents... webinar on 5 June.

Ascidian embryonic cells offer clues to the evolutionary origin of vertebrate neural crest cells and neuromesodermal progenitors

Posted by , on 11 June 2024

Read the story behind the paper "Ascidian embryonic cells with properties of neural-crest cells and neuromesodermal progenitors of vertebrates".

Fully funded PhD project

Posted by , on 11 June 2024

We are looking for a motivated and talented student to join a fully funded PhD project in the Claire Chazaud lab ( at the Institut GReD (Clermont-Ferrand, France). The aim ...

Postdoc Fellowship in Multiscale Imaging

Posted by , on 8 June 2024

The EU-funded research project AMBER announces its first round of postdoctoral fellow positions. AMBER, Advanced Multiscale Biological imaging using European Research infrastructures, will address scientific and sectoral gaps in biological imaging ...

Group leader position on regeneration at the iBV, Nice, France

Posted by , on 8 June 2024

A group leader position is opened at the Institut de Biologie Valrose (iBV), Nice, France. We are seeking a candidate to develop independent research lines on regeneration, combining quantitative approaches ...

May in preprints

Posted by , on 7 June 2024

Welcome to our monthly trawl for developmental and stem cell biology (and related) preprints. The preprints this month are hosted on bioRxiv and arXiv – use these links below to ...

SciArt profile: Gabriela Krejčová

Posted by , on 6 June 2024

In this SciArt profile, we meet Gabriela Krejčová, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic, who enjoys making nature-inspired jewellery. Can you tell us about your ...

Development presents... June webinar on mechanics and morphogenesis

Posted by , on 5 June 2024

Hear from three early-carrer researchers studying mechanics and morphogenesis. Chaired by James Wells.

PhD position in Developmental Biology – Schnorrer Lab, IBDM, Marseille, France

Posted by , on 4 June 2024

PhD Position | How muscle nuclei sense pressure to coordinate sarcomere morphogenesis with mitochondrial metabolism   APPLY FOR THE POSITION The Schnorrer group is welcoming applications for an ANR-funded PhD position to ...

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