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Alex Gould

Alex Gould is a senior group leader and Wellcome Investigator at The Francis Crick Institute in London. He is interested in how diet and other factors in the environment affect growth, physiology and metabolism. A key area of current interest focuses on identifying the mechanisms that protect the developing CNS from nutrient restriction and hypoxia. Alex's laboratory uses Drosophila and mice models, together with a range of genetic, molecular, microscopy and metabolomics techniques including state-of-the-art mass spectrometry imaging.    


Posts by Alex Gould

Postdoc in neural stem cell metabolism - Francis Crick Institute, London

Posted by , on 19 October 2020

  A four year postdoctoral position in the lab of Alex Gould is now available. Previous work in the laboratory, using Drosophila, has shown that the neural stem cell niche ...


Posted by , on 12 July 2019

Roles of metabolism in the developmental origins of health and longevity A postdoctoral research position funded by the Wellcome Trust is available in the laboratory of Dr. Alex Gould at ...

Postdoc position (Francis Crick Institute, London): Developmental origins of health and longevity

Posted by , on 20 February 2018

An exciting opportunity to be part of a pioneering biomedical research institute, dedicated to innovation and science. A postdoctoral research post in the laboratory of Dr. Alex P. Gould is ...