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First step towards recovery – admitting you have a problem. Seminar on “Power Abuse in Academia”

Posted by , on 9 February 2024

To continue our efforts in tackling difficult aspects of the academic work environment, we organized another seminar at the Center for Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering (TU Dresden) to discuss the ...

We don’t talk about B – ullying in academia. Except we do, here at TU Dresden

Posted by , on 27 July 2023

Working in academia can be a wonderful experience, being surrounded by highly inspirational people, full of excitement for science and working together to unlock secrets of the natural world. However, ...

2018 resolutions? Become fearless by attending the MBL Embryology course!

Posted by , on 8 January 2018

Last summer I had the great pleasure and privilege to attend the six-week, summer Embryology course at the Marine Biological Laboratory in the beautiful town of Woods Hole, MA. The ...