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Mapping the Embryo for Developmental Biologists & Stem Cell Researchers; LifeMap Discovery® - a Roadmap of Mammalian Cell Ontology

Posted by , on 30 March 2014

Understanding how cells differentiate during embryonic development is invaluable for the in vitro derivation of functional cells from stem cells. However, mapping the human embryo, including characterization of all the ...

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Dear Dr. Wilson, as a developmental biologist I totally agree with this point of view, we should definitely pass this to the next generation by such means. I think that 'communicating' developmental biology is not easy, however it is the center of many life-sciences disciplines as I learned during my studies. Sounds like a great initiative! Good luck, Dr. Ariel Rinon
by arielrinon in Introducing blogging to future scientists on March 26, 2014