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Tweaking a gene can remind cells of their ancient roots

Posted by , on 3 January 2024

What is this? A sea anemone stinging cell (F; left panel) and change in cell identity following the knockout of a gene called NvSox2 (G; right panel). How was this ...

Developmental biologists tackle biodiversity, peer review, climate change in annual Development meeting

Posted by , on 24 October 2023

Of the 10 million or so species that make up Earth’s biosphere, the majority of biological discoveries in the 20th century were made in just six organisms. Statistically representative? I ...

"Unconventional" posts from #DevMeeting23: That's all folks!

Posted by , on 26 September 2023

This wraps up the “unconventional posts” miniseries celebrating the emerging experimental systems from DevMeeting23 that are teaching us so much! Be sure to check out the “unconventional and emerging experimental ...