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PhD position in Neurogenesis – Bergen, Norway

Posted by on October 16th, 2019

A PhD position is available in the group “Cnidarian Neural Development” (Fabian Rentzsch) at the University of Bergen/Sars Centre in Bergen, Norway.The group uses the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis to study molecular, cellular and evolutionary aspects of nervous system development (e.g. Richards and Rentzsch, Development 2014, 2015; Busengdal and Rentzsch, Dev Biol 2017). This PhD project addresses[…]

Postdoc position in cnidarian neurogenesis at the Sars Centre, Norway

Posted by on June 27th, 2019

A two year postdoc position is available in the group of Fabian Rentzsch at the Sars Centre in Bergen, Norway.  The group studies neurogenesis in the cnidarian Nematostella vectensis with the aim to understand cellular, molecular and evolutionary aspects of nervous system development ( In this project we aim to characterize the function of transcription factors expressed[…]

Postdoc in Bergen – Bioinformatic analysis of neurogenesis

Posted by on August 15th, 2018

Postdoc Position in Bioinformatic Analysis of Neural Development in Nematostella There is a vacancy for a 2 year Postdoc position at the Sars International Centre for Marine Molecular Biology ( in the research group headed by Dr. Fabian Rentzsch. The position is funded on a TOPPFORSK grant from the Norwegian Research Council, and is available[…]