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The small beginnings of gastruloids

Posted by , on 1 April 2015

Mouse embryonic stem cells (mESCs) are by definition cells that can self-renew (make identical copies of themselves) and specialize into any cell type of the body. Since their discovery, scientists ...

Stem showing in 3D

Posted by , on 22 January 2015

    Growing organs in vitro is one of the ultimate dreams of any stem cell biologist. As such, it seems obvious that some of these organs will need to ...

Seeing cells from a different angle

Posted by , on 7 December 2014

Thanks to microscopy, scientists can compete with the most talented photographers and take the most astonishing pictures! Although I have been focusing on microscopy pictures in this blog, microscopy is ...

Biology and maths partner to understand life decisions

Posted by , on 26 October 2014

Starting with the one fertilized egg that we all once were, embryonic development is made of cell divisions and most importantly of cell decisions. These first life decisions are the ...

The origin of blood

Posted by , on 4 September 2014

As for the origin of species, the question of the origin of blood during development has unleashed a lot of passion among the scientific community. As a matter of fact, ...