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Meeting report: Fossils, Phylogenies, Genomes, Embryos & the Evolution of the Deuterostomes

Posted by , on 30 May 2022

The Fossils, Phylogenies, Genomes, Embryos & the Evolution of the Deuterostomes symposium took place at the Natural History Museum in London to honour the work and contributions of the late ...

Recent jobs by Helen Robertson

Postdoctoral position in the Leucht laboratory at NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Posted by , on 13 July 2021

The Leucht Laboratory, part of the Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Department of Cell Biology at NYU Grossman School of Medicine, is looking for an exceptional postdoctoral fellow in the area of skeletal stem cell aging, who specializes in stem cell research, aging, or regenerative medicine. The postdoc will perform research on the mechanisms that regulate skeletal stem cell […]

Postdoctoral Position to Work with Eddy De Robertis at the University of California, Los Angeles

Posted by , on 14 May 2021

A postdoctoral opportunity is available to work on patterning of the Xenopus embryo by Chordin and the early Wnt signal. This 2-year position is available immediately. Candidate will be trained in embryology by Eddy De Robertis in a small lab setting. This is an excellent opportunity for for someone with not more than three years […]

Postdoctoral position – Moore Lab, University of Georgia

Posted by , on 23 June 2021

Postdoc opportunity at the University of Georgia, USA. The Moore Lab is looking for a postdoc for our project exploring the role of the maintenance DNA methyltransferase, DNMT1, in milkweed bugs and whiteflies. Our lab has previously shown that this enzyme is required for gametogenesis and we are now investigating mechanisms by which it acts. […]