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Meet Our Scientists VIDEO: Marco Milán: “To study how cells communicate with each other, perhaps the best model organism is the fruit fly”

Posted by , on 15 February 2017

The “Meet Our Scientists” video entitled “Our relative the fly” presents the research performed by Marco Millán on the cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying the regulation of tissue growth during ...

The fly reveals a new signal involved in limb growth

Posted by , on 9 January 2017

Researchers at IRB Barcelona identify a fundamental role of the JAK/STAT signalling pathway in the development and growth regulation of limbs in Drosophila. Published in Nature Communications, the study paves ...

Developmental biology offers the key to finding solutions for paediatric cancer, metastasis, and regeneration

Posted by , on 3 October 2016

From today and until Wednesday, 150 scientists from around the world will debate plasticity and cell migration in the new gathering in the Barcelona Biomed Conference Series, organised by IRB ...

Research into fly development provides insights into blood vessel formation

Posted by , on 29 September 2016

Researchers working with flies at IRB Barcelona describe that the concentration of some small intracellular organelles determines the branching capacity of tracheal cells.   Tracheal cells are analogous to the ...

Gene regulation, evolution and the exploitation of new habitats

Posted by , on 21 September 2016

Changes in body organ morphology have allowed animals to better exploit diverse habitats. As organ morphology is under genetic control, genetic modifications provide the basis for the wide range of ...