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#devbiolstories: Guy Fawkes, Chickens, and the Hatching of "Mechanism" in Developmental Biology

Posted by , on 25 April 2023

Welcome to #devbiolstories, which I hope will grow into a wholly random collection of short pieces on stuff I want to write about. I also hope you’ll enjoy it. Today, ...


Posted by , on 20 January 2022

Howdy all, As promised, here's a post with book recommendations for developmental biologists.

A bad day for the angel on my shoulder: Practical advice for grant writing from the #devbiolwriteclub and #devbiolgrantclub

Posted by , on 11 July 2021

Hello!  Welcome back to the #devbiolwriteclub!  Over the last year or so, I’ve harangued you on Twitter and on The Node about practicing the craft of writing.  I’ve ignored any ...

#DevBiolWriteClub, Post #4

Posted by , on 24 April 2021

When I wrote the #DevBiolWriteClub rules, I made Rule #2 simply restate Rule #1.  This, of course, was a cheap ploy by the author to make the reader compare him ...

#DevBiolWriteClub, Post #3

Posted by , on 22 December 2020

John Wallingford returns for another Developmental Biology Write Club – this time featuring his favourite books about writing