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I am an associate Professor in the School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick, UK. My lab has the twin aims of understanding the cell and tissue basis of animal development, primarily through advanced live cell imaging approaches, and of elucidating the regulatory basis for species-specific development and physiology, through the framework of functional genetics, comparative 'omics, and molecular evolution. Our primary research system is the protective extraembryonic (EE) tissues of insects: the serosa and amnion. These fascinating tissues are a synapomorphy of the insects, are essential for development, and have been implicated in the radiation and evolutionary success of the insect lineage. Studying epithelial tissue biology in this system allows for a natural integration that spans macroevolution, developmental genetics, cellular physiology, and tissue morphogenesis. In particular, live imaging of EE morphogenesis is addictive, and I love playing with all sorts of microscopes and (slowly!) developing new transgenic imaging lines. I've also become a genome junkie, and have been active since 2012 in the international i5K community for de novo genome sequencing and comparative genomics in arthropods. This has begun to stretch our research foci to post-embryonic eco-evo-devo phenomena as well. Additional key words: cell/ tissue architecture; RNAi; red flour beetle (Tribolium castaneum); milkweed bug (Oncopeltus fasciatus); transcription factors; lineage-specific genes

Posts by kapanfilio:

Postdoc in polyploidy: from cell physiology to tissue-scale effects of nuclear structure

Posted by on January 4th, 2021

A postdoctoral research position is available in the group of Dr. Kristen Panfilio at the University of Warwick, UK, to join our BBSRC-funded project on how polyploid nuclear structure influences cellular function in dynamic epithelial tissues. This is a full-time, fixed-term position for up to 36 months, integrating developmental biology, bioinformatics, cell cycle regulation, genome[…]

Senior Research Technician in the Panfilio Lab, University of Warwick, UK

Posted by on August 5th, 2019

School of Life Sciences, University of Warwick, UK   A full-time, twelve-month Senior Research Technician position is available for an immediate start in the laboratory of Dr Kristen Panfilio, for molecular genetics and lab management tasks to support investigations of insect embryology for both biomedical and pest management research. Our lab uses a range of[…]

Postdoc: Comparative epithelial morphogenesis

Posted by on July 23rd, 2016

From autumn 2016, a postdoctoral research position is available in the Panfilio lab to investigate morphogenesis of the insect extraembryonic (EE) membranes. These simple epithelia are highly dynamic in their role as transient, protective covers for the embryo. The aim is to understand how EE morphogenesis works at multiple levels of biological organization, from cellular[…]

Evo-Devo PhD Position (Molecular Evolution) in Cologne, Germany

Posted by on December 31st, 2013

From early 2014, a PhD studentship is available in the Panfilio lab to investigate hypotheses of macroevolutionary change in gene function.  The aim is to address the evolution of the Hox3/zen gene, which is highly conserved in most animals but has acquired novel roles within the insects.  Focusing on the orthologues and paralogues of two[…]

Comparative epithelial morphogenesis research positions (PhD, Postdoc)

Posted by on October 26th, 2011

From early 2012, a PhD studentship and a postdoctoral position are available in the Panfilio lab (in Cologne, Germany) to investigate morphogenesis of the insect extraembryonic membranes.  As protective covers for the embryo, these simple epithelia are a defining feature of the insects and have been linked to their evolutionary success.  However, in order to[…]