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Genetics Unzipped: Bye-bye boys: the genetics behind the extinction of males

Posted by , on 23 March 2023

We’re saying bye-bye to the boys, and exploring whether new gene technologies and climate change will make males extinct.

Genetics Unzipped: GMO or GM NO? The ethics and realities of genome editing

Posted by , on 9 March 2023

We're exploring the ethics and regulations of genome editing. What is allowed? What shouldn't be? And who should get to decide? Plus we explore a new exhibit on the topic ...

Genetics Unzipped: The diagnostic odyssey: A journey into genetic testing for rare diseases

Posted by , on 23 February 2023

On Rare Disease Day 2023, we’re off on a journey to the world of rare genetic disorders, exploring the diagnostic odyssey that patients go on in search of answers and ...

Genetics Unzipped: Confident, competent or confused: What do you think you know about genetics?

Posted by , on 9 February 2023

How much do you know about genetics? In this episode we’re sharing the results of a large survey asking the UK public what their opinions are, what they know, or ...

Genetics Unzipped: Would you Adam and Eve it? In search of our earliest genetic ancestors

Posted by , on 26 January 2023

We’re going back to the very genesis of our species in search of the genetic Adam and Eve. Who were they? When and where did they live? Were there really ...