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Injecting dye to label the retino-tectal projections in the zebrafish brain was my first experience working with embryos in an undergraduate developmental biology course. The beauty and complexity of an organism emerging right in front of me captured my interest. Currently, I am a second year graduate student in Dave Sherwood’s lab in the Developmental and Stem Cell Biology Program at Duke University. My thesis project investigates stem cell-niche interactions in the C. elegans gonad.

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Exploring Embryology at the Woods Hole MBL

Posted by on June 25th, 2013

After two weeks of intense work in the Woods Hole MBL Embryology course, I am beginning to understand why this course compels TAs, faculty and students from around the world to return year after year. The 24 students in the 2013 Embryology class work on a diverse set of organisms including worms, mice, chick, coral,[…]