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Pilar Okenve-Ramos

I did my PhD at the Institute of Molecular Biology in Barcelona, where I studied developmental biology with a special focus on actin-cytoskeleton and its role in collective cell migration during embryogenesis. I moved then to the University of Liverpool for my first postdoc where I continued working on cytoskeleton, this time on microtubules (MTs) and their role on neuronal maintenance. By the study of the deterioration of this MT maintenance, my work focused on characterizing and understanding natural neuronal ageing and pathological neurodegenerative diseases. I joined the Cell Cycle Regulation lab at IGC in 2019 as a postdoc, where I continue working on maintenance of a MT based structure: the cilium. This is a cell projection with various essential functions, including fluid movement, cell signalling and mechanosensation. Its dysfunction is correlated with several diseases such as microcephaly, sterility or retinopathies. In my scientific career I actively participated and organised meetings, conferences and outreach events In addition I frequently supervise student’s and take care of lab management. As part of my current role at both IGC Postdoctoral Committee as well as the DEI Committee, among other collaborative activities, I try to promote democracy and to advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the community, which also includes open science.


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DrosTuga2021 Meeting registration open!

Posted by , on 20 October 2021

#DrosTuga2021. The annual Portuguese Drosophila Meeting will be held online 29-30 November. Submit your abstract before October 30th. FREE attendance.