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Postdoc position in Human Pluripotent Stem Cell-based Cell Therapy in Type 1 Diabetes at DanStem

Posted by on December 20th, 2019

  We are looking for a postdoctoral candidate with a strong cell biology and signalling background to take part in developing a human stem cell-based therapy for T1D as part of a collaborative H2020 project. The position is for 2 years with a possible extension. Qualifications The candidate is required to hold a PhD degree in[…]

New H2020 project will manufacture novel stem cell products for clinical trials in Type 1 Diabetes

Posted by on December 13th, 2019

The ISLET project is a multi-center collaboration of leading European researchers that has been awarded 8 million Euros in a 5-year period. The project will develop advanced stem cell products ready for use in clinical trials in Type 1 Diabetes. Professor Henrik Semb from DanStem is coordinating the project. The ISLET project will develop a[…]

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Studies of how niche-rearrangements control organ progenitor fate

Posted by on December 11th, 2019

OPEN POSTDOCTORAL POSITION  The Semb group is looking for a postdoctoral candidate with a strong developmental biology/cellular mechanobiology and/or a biological image processing background to identify and study novel cell and molecular mechanisms predicting the differentiation of bi-potent progenitors in the developing pancreas. During organogenesis fate-determining cues are generated by dynamic interactions between stem cells/progenitors, their[…]

How do cells know their future and forget their past

Posted by on November 7th, 2019

All cells in the body contain the same genetic material. The difference between cells therefore depends solely on which genes are expressed or ‘turned on’. Now, researchers from the University of Copenhagen have gained new insights into how genes are turned on and off and how the cells “forget their past” while developing into a[…]

A podcast with Professor Anne Grapin-Botton

Posted by on August 22nd, 2019

Anne Grapin-Botton has a background in developmental biology and initially studied nervous system and endoderm development. Her laboratory is currently focusing on pancreas development with the overall goals of understanding how pancreatic cells differentiate during embryogenesis, and determining what limits the pancreatic cells’ regeneration in adults. Anne Grapin-Botton is a Director and a Group Leader at[…]

A Poetic Observation of Stem Cell Research

Posted by on June 28th, 2019

A cinematographer, shadowed scientists in their everyday work provides us with a glimpse into the incredible beauty of science. (No Ratings Yet)Loading…

Listen to DanStem podcast hosting James Briscoe

Posted by on June 12th, 2019

James Briscoe is a Group leader at the Francis Crick Institute in London, where he and his lab work on the development of the spinal chord using both molecular biology and mathematical modeling approaches. In this Podcast we talk about his science as well as the future directions he would like to take as the[…]

‘Let your science guide you’ – DanStem podcast with Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith

Posted by on May 28th, 2019

‘Let your science guide you’ – An inspiring interview with Professor Anne Ferguson-Smith, a mammalian developmental geneticist. Professor Ferguson-Smith is the Head of the Department of Genetics at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Darwin College, Cambridge. Professor Ferguson-Smith is an authority on genomic imprinting and the epigenetic control of genome function in health and disease, and is recognised for her work on parental-origin effects and epigenetic[…]

Postdoc in Physiology and Genetics to the Andersen – Colombani Group (affiliated to DanStem)

Posted by on April 18th, 2019

Department of Biology at the Faculty of Science, University of Copenhagen is offering a Postdoc position in Physiology and Genetics commencing 1 August 2019 or as soon as possible thereafter. Description of the scientific environment  The Andersen-Colombani group at the Department of Biology, University of Copenhagen, is recruiting a Postdoc to work on a 3-year[…]

Calls for letters of interest: Group leaders to DanStem, University of Copenhagen

Posted by on April 16th, 2019

DanStem plans to recruit outstanding scientists for independent research group leader positions at the senior and junior levels in the near future. We are seeking potential candidates with an impressive track record and a compelling vision for independent research in the broad area of stem cell and developmental biology. DanStem’s current mission is to achieve[…]