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An open letter to Claudio Stern

Posted by , on 25 May 2022

Dear Claudio, I read your article just now, it is so perceptive of where things have gone in ‘Embryology’. The problem with us oldies is that we compare approaches, but ...

PhD position in Cambridge Zoology Department in cell and developmental biology

Posted by , on 14 June 2016

We have money from our grant to fund a PhD studentship including fees. But there is only a little time left to apply, so if you are interested in our ...

another attempt to widen access

Posted by , on 3 February 2016

Sorry for all the messing about, but there are now a number of ways of accessing  my latest polemic which is called The last 50 years: mismeasurement and mismanagement are ...

Peter Lawrence

Posted by , on 26 January 2016

What ho nodites, I am putting here a link to my latest polemic on the issues discussed in the interview and some others. Of course being carefully written it is ...

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Here is access to the article that Helena refers to:
by in An interview with Peter Lawrence on February 3, 2016
Here is a more amenable link to the article, thanks to David Colquhoun. By the way if you dont know his blog it is the best scientific blog I know
by in Peter Lawrence on January 29, 2016