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ELLS Webinar: Neuronal cell death goes live – microglia as the guardians of the developing brain

Posted by , on 20 November 2013

Ever wondered how cells communicate with each other during brain development? What happens to cells which the body doesn’t need any longer? And how do scientists study the events that ...

The European Learning Laboratory for the Life Sciences – Bridging the gap between science and schools

Posted by , on 17 October 2013

Research in the modern life sciences is moving forward at an enormous pace and is generating massive amounts of data and new insights into the molecular principles of life on ...

Outreach activity- fold your own protein

Posted by , on 17 October 2013

Have you ever folded a protein with your hands? You can do so by visiting our TeachingBASE. We invite you to create your own three-dimensional model of a protein using ...