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I did my PhD in the compex systems lab (U Pompeu Fabra, Spain) under the supervision of Ricard Solé. During that time I developed pattern formation mechanisms in E. coli using synthetic biology and modelled aspects of the evolutionary transition to multicellularity. As a postdoc, I went to George Bassel's lab (U of Birmingham, UK) where I worked on capturing and quantifying plant organ connectomes in A. thaliana and other plant species. Currently, I am at the Evolution of Technology Lab (CSIC, Spain) with Sergi Valverde, studying evolutionary models of hypergraph ecological assembly.

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Engineering morphogenesis using self-organized embodiment

Posted by on January 20th, 2021

During their journey from zygote to adult, embryos experience several symmetry breaking processes. Structures which are not isotropic (equal in all directions) are formed, creating the inside-out axis, forward-backwards axis, etc. Each of these patterns increases the information required to describe a multicellular system. As Maynard Smith put it: sometimes the “extra” information is stamped[…]