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The UCL-Tohoku University joint Symposium is coming soon!

Posted by , on 18 February 2013

Dear developmental biologists and neurobiologists, I’d like to give you some information on the UCL-Tohoku University joint Symposium from 21st to 22nd Feburary. If you are interested in research fields ...

Behind the Paper: Support beyond Countries

Posted by , on 23 September 2012

When Dr. Eva Amsen, Community Manager for the Node and Online Editor for Development, recommended me to write this post in connection with our recent publication about mechanisms of pectoral ...

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Thank you for sharing my publication! For readers, I introduce some new hot papers in the field of fin-to-limb evolution after publishing my article. # My review article about morphological differences between fin and limb is here; Yano and Tamura, J. Anat. (2013) # Hoxd13 is important for appendage evolution; Freitas et al, Dev. Cell (2012) # These researches are referred by Schneider and Shubin, Trends Genet. (2013) # Do you know the importance about developmental origins of the fin skeleton from the point of view of evolution?; Shimada et al, Nat. Commun. (2013)
by Tohru Yano in If I could turn back time: an embryological look at the fin-to-limb transition on April 17, 2013