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Royal Society Meeting on Cell Lineages

Posted by , on 9 April 2024

Birmingham, UK, May 7-8, 2024 Edgbaston Park Hotel and Conference Centre Do you study Development? Complex cellular systems? Cancer? Then we’d love to have you at our Meeting “Cell Lineages ...

An afternoon in the museum with an exploded skull and a 3.5m python skeleton

Posted by , on 19 March 2024

The people and the research behind the exhibition ‘Growing a backbone’ at the University Museum of Zoology (Cambridge, UK).

Exploring multi-hub conferences: interview with Sally Lowell

Posted by , on 7 March 2024

Transportation is one of the main environmental issues of a scientific conference, usually accounting for around half of the event’s total CO2 emissions. But innovative ideas can help mitigate this ...

Young Embryologist Network Conference 2024

Posted by , on 29 February 2024

Registration is now open for the Young Embryologist Network conference on 28th May 2024.

Origins of new cell types: questions for the single-cell era - 18-19 March, Francis Crick Institute, London

Posted by , on 28 February 2024

Dear colleagues, We are delighted to bring you a 2-day workshop at the Francis Crick Institute that will gather leading experts in the field to break new ground in cell-type ...

Building and Rebuilding Complex Tissues Conference – 18 July 2024, Robinson College, Cambridge

Posted by , on 7 February 2024

Dear all,  We are delighted to be partnering with the British Society for Developmental Biology and the International Society for Regenerative Biology to deliver a one-day international meeting tackling the ...

Development Journal Meeting: From Stem Cells to Human Development

Posted by , on 19 January 2024

Back in early 2013, Olivier Pourquie (Development’s then Editor-in-Chief) and I were working hard to integrate stem cell biology into Development. Reading papers and attending conferences, much of the focus ...

Looking to make your events more sustainable in 2024?

Posted by , on 22 December 2023

Hi! My name is Teodora and I am the new Sustainable Conferencing and Communications Officer from The Company of Biologists. Since I joined The Company of Biologists, I have worked ...

Plasticity of the Haematopoietic Niche: from Embryonic Development to Aging and Disease

Posted by , on 11 December 2023

Special Issue I am glad to announce a new Research Topic / Special Issue for the journal Frontiers in Molecular Biosciences (IF 5.0), edited by Prof Rio Sugimura (University of Hong ...

preLights webinar series: 'From preprint to publication'

Posted by , on 7 December 2023

Recently, one of the preLights Ambassadors, Martin Estermann, launched a new webinar series that discusses the journey of a preprint in becoming a journal publication. As part of this initiative, ...

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