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Posted by , on 20 January 2022

Howdy all, As promised, here's a post with book recommendations for developmental biologists.

BSDB Gurdon Summer Studentship Report - Rufus Morgan

Posted by , on 5 January 2022

Regionalising the nervous system: the steps to produce spinal cord. The nervous system is one of the first structures that develops during embryogenesis. However, the process by which regional identity ...

Organizing with Ontologies

Posted by , on 23 August 2021

We built an anatomy ontology. You should too – here’s why. We have an information scale problem. I’m hardly the first to note the exponentiality and rapidity of information growth, ...

The Human Cell Atlas (HCA) Developmental and Pediatric Cell Atlas Meeting

Posted by , on 19 August 2021

The Human Cell Atlas (HCA) Developmental and Pediatric Cell Atlas meeting will be held August 25-27, 2021 online. Free registration up to and during the meeting is available at ...

The Sustainable Conferencing Initiative

Posted by , on 23 July 2021

Hello all! I am Viktoria, the Sustainable Conferencing Officer of The Company of Biologists. I am here to quickly answer some questions about our Sustainable Conferencing Initiative.  What is the aim of the Initiative?  As ...

New feature on preLights: using preLights as a teaching aid

Posted by , on 21 June 2021

Some readers of the Node might already be familiar with preLights, another community site run by The Company of Biologists which aims to highlight new preprints from across the biological ...

Leaders in the making: Women PhD students in STEM take initiative to define their leadership

Posted by , on 18 June 2021

Written by Shuangshuang Du, Rebecca Starble, and Lauren Gonzalez from the Yale Genetics Department. We face a historical moment in which more and more women are pursuing scientific careers, but ...

Vascular control of heart development and regeneration: PhD and Postdoc positions available

Posted by , on 7 June 2021

The Marín-Juez laboratory, at the CHU Sainte-Justine Research Center, is recruiting a PhD student and a postdoctoral fellow (4-year fully funded positions). Our laboratory is interested in the cellular and ...

Registration open EMBO Workshop "The Evolution of Animal Genomes" - 13-17 Sept 2021

Posted by , on 3 June 2021

We are happy to announce the upcoming EMBO workshop “The Evolution of Animal Genomes”. The event will take place virtually, from 13-17 September 2021 (Registration and abstract deadline: 12th July ...

European Drosophila Society Launch

Posted by , on 18 May 2021

Dear European Drosophilists, This post is to let you know about an initiative to form a European Drosophila Society (EDS), which aims to represent our research community, support common initiatives ...