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International Symposium on Women in Tunicata Biology

Posted by , on 22 March 2023

Please join us for the International Symposium on Women in Tunicata Biology. The Tunicata are invertebrate chordates, several of which are model organisms in developmental biology (e.g. Ciona intestinalis, Botryllus ...

Behind the paper and the SciComm story: uncovering the role of CNKSR2 in the chick forebrain

Posted by , on 17 March 2023

“CNKSR2: Identifying and elucidating the role of a novel downstream effector of RA signalling in chick forebrain morphogenesis“ In the February issue of Development, Niveda and her colleagues report on ...

11th Avian Model Systems Meeting, 11-14 Sep 2023 in Portsmouth, UK

Posted by , on 8 March 2023

The 11th Avian Model Systems Meeting will take place 11-14 September 2023 in Portsmouth, UK.

BSDB Meetings 2023

Posted by , on 8 March 2023

Cell Plasticity in Morphogenesis  Sheffield, April 17th-19th 2023 Registration Now Open Early Bird Deadline: Friday 17th March   European Developmental Biology Congress 2023 A distributed meeting across Oxford, Barcelona and ...

Periodic inhibition of Erk activity drives sequential somite segmentation

Posted by , on 23 February 2023

Node Blog: Behind the Paper Story Clocks, gradients and segmentation Muhammed Simsek, Ertuğrul Özbudak and colleagues have discovered that oscillations in the ppErk gradient, driven by the Her1-Her7 oscillator, is ...

The Origin of the Embryo

Posted by , on 2 January 2023

Dear Node Colleagues, In response to the front page article in The New York Times of 2 January 2023, “When Does Life Begin,” I am posting a model for the ...

BSDB Gurdon Studentship Report – Jana Hennelova

Posted by , on 2 January 2023

I have become passionate about the field of stem cell biology during my undergraduate degree in Molecular Genetics at the University of Edinburgh. Therefore, I was grateful to be awarded ...

BSDB Gurdon Studentship Report - Raphael Schettler

Posted by , on 12 December 2022

As a BSc Biomedicine Student at the University of East Anglia, I have had the pleasure of working in the Grocott Lab for eight weeks during my summer holidays.The Grocott ...

4th Endoplasmic Reticulum International Symposium

Posted by , on 12 December 2022

Paris, October 4-6, 2023 (exclusively on site, no hybrid format) This symposium follows on the success of the previous meetings that took place in Paris in 2017, 2019, and 2021. Organizing committee: ...

BSDB Gurdon Studentship Report – Zhikai Li

Posted by , on 9 December 2022

Soon after starting the first year of medical school, I had ambitions of undertaking substantial scientific research in future since biomedical research and clinical practice complement each other, but little ...

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