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Young Embryologist Network Conference 2024

Posted by , on 29 February 2024

The Young Embryologist Network conference 2024 (YEN24) is the 16th iteration of the network’s renowned yearly Developmental Biology meeting. This hybrid conference will take place at the Francis Crick Institute on Tuesday 28thMay 2024, and will be streamed worldwide over Zoom. The YEN conference is a unique opportunity for early career researchers in Developmental Biology to share their research, network, and interact with peers and pioneers in the field.

This year, we will bring together a global audience. We are actively recruiting local representatives from universities and institutes worldwide to establish remote hubs for participants to gather, watch talks and engage in the conversation. We are also awarding travel grants, generously supported by the Company of Biologists. 

YEN24 features a diverse line-up of invited speakers, covering a wide spectrum of topics in Developmental Biology. We will hear from Aydan Bulut Karslioglu (MPI-MG) on environmental regulation of embryonic gene expression and cell fate specification, and Kristian Franze (University of Cambridge, FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg) on the mechanical control of vertebrate neural development. This year, we are delighted to host Pavel Tomancak (MPI-CBG, CEITEC) as keynote speaker, whose lab uses an interdisciplinary toolkit and comparative approach to understand the evolution of tissue morphogenesis.  

We are also excited to host three speakers engaging with the social, legal and ethical implications of biological research in ‘Science in Society’ perspectives talks. Naomi Moris (The Francis Crick Institute) uses synthetic embryos to understands fundamental principles of human development, and recently contributed to a re-evaluation of the term ‘embryo’, defining a roadmap for the use of in vitro embryo models in research. Laurence Lwoff (Council of Europe) is head of the Human Rights and Biomedicine Division at the Council of Europe, and works on an intergovernmental steering committee advising on the protection of human rights in biomedical research. Steve Crabtree (BBC Science Unit) is an award-winning executive producer at BBC Studios, and former series editor for the flagship science series Horizon, where he commissioned and produced over 70 episodes. 

We are also inviting abstracts from early career researchers to highlight a cross-section of research in the field in short talks and posters.

Registration for the YEN Conference 2024 is now open! Use our google form to sign up and send in your abstract:

We hope to see you there!

Head to our website, and follow us on social media for the latest news and announcements


Twitter: @YEN_community

Instagram: @youngembryologistsnetwork

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