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Development presents... August evo-devo webinar

Posted by , on 9 August 2023

Catch up on the talks on the topic of evo-devo from Hannah Gruner, Seth Donoughe and Allan Carrillo-Baltodano.

Development presents... June webinar on growth and morphogenesis

Posted by , on 28 June 2023

Catch up on the talks on the topic of growth and morphogenesis from Patricio Pérez-Henríquez, Stefania Tavano and Stefan Harmansa.

Development presents... a webinar on theoretical and computational modelling of developmental biology

Posted by , on 16 January 2023

Our next Development presents... webinar will be chaired by Associate Editor Paul François

Development presents... modelling development in vitro - videos

Posted by , on 26 October 2022

On Tuesday 11 October, Development hosted three talks on the topic of our latest Special Issue, Modelling Development In Vitro. Click here to find each of the talks and Q&As, ...

Launch of Microscopya - an educational game from Beata Science Art

Posted by , on 8 July 2022

8 July 2022 sees the full launch of Microscopya, a computer game that takes its player inside the wonderfully complex world of the cell.

Development presents... December videos

Posted by , on 20 December 2021

On Wednesday 8 December, Development hosted three talks to celebrate the 25th anniversary of our zebrafish special issue.

Development presents... November videos

Posted by , on 23 November 2021

On Wednesday 10 November, Development hosted three talks on stem cells and disease models. Below you’ll find each of the talks, plus a Q&A chaired by Development Editor James Wells. ...

Development presents... September webinar videos

Posted by , on 27 September 2021

On Wednesday 22 September Development hosted two researchers with interests in genes and development for our tenth Development presents... webinar

Development presents... April webinar videos

Posted by , on 16 April 2021

Watch talks on sex hormones, enteric nervous system development and the HOX clock

Development presents… January webinar videos

Posted by , on 15 January 2021

Yesterday we held the fourth webinar in our series, this time chaired by Development Editor Swathi Arur. Here you’ll find recordings of the  talks and their live Q&A sessions moderated ...

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