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My lab created the blastoid system, a blastocyst-like structure formed solely from stem cells. We use this system to dig deeper into the organising principles of the mammalian embryo. We like stem cells and technologies such as single cell sequencing, machine learning image analysis, microsystems. Hubrecht Institute & MERLN Institute. The Netherlands.

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Postdoctoral position at the Hubrecht & MERLN Institutes. Stem cell-based blastoids. Lab of Nicolas Rivron.

Posted by on June 12th, 2018

Hubrecht Institute for developmental biology and stem cell research. MERLN Institute for technology-driven regenerative medicine. Laboratory for stem cell-based development. 2 years The Netherlands   A two-year postdoctoral position is available at the laboratory for stem cell-based development headed by Nicolas Rivron. The laboratory is located at the MERLN institute for technology-driven regenerative medicine (Maastricht)[…]